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Digital watercolors

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Digital watercolors

Abhas Sinha


I've always felt that we should do things for the people and things we love. And I really love watercolor and the digital medium. 

And, of course.

Ms. Anushka Sharma.

This was done out of respect and fandom for Ms. Sharma – an actress in the Indian film industry whom I adore for her fresh, original, and colorful personality (hence the colorful tribute). 

Then there's…

Mr. Ratan Tata.

In the December of 2013, I was called in by Modern School Vasant Vihar to do a portrait of Mr. Tata who be served as Chief Guest at the School's Founder's Day ceremony. This portrait-collage was done for that purpose. 


Mr. Steve Jobs.

Mr. Jobs, was, without doubt, a man who knew how to get his business to reach great heights. Leveraging innovation, marketing, manufacturing, and lots of inter-disciplinary fields and bringing them to the public with great simplicity was something that was a revolution to not just the tech industry, but the to the world as a whole.
What he has left behind, I believe, will carry his name onward.