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Daily UI (in progress)

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Daily UI (in progress)

Abhas Sinha

Day 1: Sign Up

"Fresh Lime"

Typography intensive, distraction-free sign up/sign in page – with lots of love for Apple's San Francisco typeface.

Day 2: Credit Card Checkout

"Orange Soda"

Checkout pane for a grocery shopping app. Choose a previously saved card, or add a new one. Then, review the order – delete items, perhaps? . Finally swipe to pay – a metaphor from actually swiping cards to make payments. 

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Day 3: Landing Page

(above the fold)

"Martian Grapes"

Landing page for Mars Tourism – because it's hardly far fetched that we'll be visiting our home away from home in a little while. Plan your visit soon!

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Animated using Keynote.

Animated using Keynote.

Day 4: Calculator


A calculator without an "equal-to" button that performs calculations on the fly, as the user types.

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★ Featured on iOSup.

Day 5: App Icon


A touch of realism on an originally very minimalistic icon for the Zomato app. Done because I wanted to see what kinds of results I could achieve with just Sketch.

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Day 6: User Profile

"Digital Handshake"

A virtual visiting/business card for a wallet-esque app (a digital Rolodex, perhaps). The card also displays real-time social media information.

Meant for complementing in-person meets, where one can share contact information and social media channels in one place.

The card owner chooses what information and social media profiles to display when sharing a card.

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Day 7: Settings

"Car Dash"

Settings pane for a digital car dash. Done with a dark color palette so that the brightness of the screen doesn't disrupt the ambience inside of a car.

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Day 8: 404 Page

"Space Grey"

A minimalistic 404 page that Han Solo would be proud of.

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★ Featured on SiteUp.


Day 9: Music Player

"Play and peek"

A music player concept that gives the user a little peek at what's up next in the queue.

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Day 10: Social Share

"White Tab"

A social sharing micro-menu that has been inspired by the red tab on a pair of Levi's.

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More coming soon! Meanwhile, keep an eye on my Dribbble account for updates.