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Modem 2015

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Modem 2015

Abhas Sinha

Brochure design for Modem — Modern School Vasant Vihar's annual computer science symposium. A project that takes elements from web and UI design and applies it to print — and also draws from the state of popular technology in 2015. 

2015 is a time when technology has become socially pronounced and user centric through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It is a time when technology is venturing more prominently into luxury and fashion avenues, through wearables and high-end devices such as the Apple Watch. It is a time when UI design attempts to bridge the experience of mobile devices and computer screens, of which Windows 10, the Google ecosystem and the commonalities of iOS and Mac OS X are examples.

I spy Zero One Infinity. 

I spy Zero One Infinity. 

Each of the icons is a nod to the technology and UI design trends of 2015, or holds relevance in the competitive spirit of the computer science symposium.

The choice of font and the overall geometric layout is also a tribute to Adrian Frutiger, who unfortunately left us in 2015. He designed the geometric sans serif type Futura, which is the typeface used throughout the brochure.

The icon design style combines flat design with sense of depth, as a hat-tip to 2.5D and Google's Material Design.

The font's geometric nature is also an inspiration to the overall design of the brochure — all pages are divided into the 3x4 grid layout as depicted on the cover page — a practice that is commonly adopted in web and interface design principles. So I guess this is also the kind of print design that pays homage to web and UI design.

The brochure was hand-designed entirely in Adobe Photoshop — my favorite tool to do just about everything (except maybe financial spreadsheets.)

The grid layout from the front carries over to the back of the brochure, albeit with a much more minimalistic feel. The back cover features just the Modem logo and design credits.